Top 10 Website Templates for Pets in 2020

Top 10 Website Templates for Pets in 2020 are always elegant and minimal in terms of designs. Most of these templates are designed for dogs, cats, birds and other kinds of pet services. Bootstrap and responsive designing can be utilized on the occasion. As a result, it may be apt for the mobile as well tablet views. Requirement of the pets are served through these websites. Generally, animal shelters, pet clubs and pet adoption services use these templates. Pages with short codes are utilized on the occasion. However, you may able to see blog posts, special pages and pricing tables also. If you want then a contact page can be created too.

These pet website templates of 2020 are mostly pre-designed. Therefore, you can easily choose one from the list. Thinking about the pet services, these templates are created. Therefore, you may not be disappointed at all with the outcome. Bright colors are utilized on the occasion to offer friendly and cheerful vibe to the customers. Catchy banner and rich sliders can be seen at the time too. To find the physical location of your service, use Google Map is often seen. Link for the social media is placed also. Therefore, you do not have to worry at all with your business.

Pet World – Dog Care & Pet Shop

The Pet World is a pet WordPress theme for best Pet selling website. This pet business theme adopts the pet sellers, pet care service, pet sitters, pet grooming, pet adoption centers, veterinary doctors, blue cross-service volunteers, pet trainers, pet training centers and all other pet related services and business

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Pets Land | Domestic Animals Shop & Veterinary WP

Pets Land – beautiful, stylish & powerful Pet care WordPress theme with shop. It is quite multi-purpose: you can start with a simple animal blog, veterinary clinic. And you can end up having an online pet shop or a store of animal products, since the theme offers WooCommerce support with fully designed online shop.

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Animal Shelter – Animal Care Responsive Website Template

Looking for something really multifunctional for showcasing your care about animals & pets? Create a professional website with this Animal Shelter Site Template! Feel free to change the homepage of your animals care site up to your taste with 12 ready-made layouts.

Mobile Pet Grooming Website Template

A very cute pet carer website template for a pet grooming company. Almost all dog breeds need grooming from time to time to be healthy, look and smell good. Presenting your company online, you’ll help pet owners find necessary services on the Internet quickly and draw more customers simultaneously. But let’s return to the theme’s design.

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The Husky Den – WP dog breeder theme

The Husky Den – WordPress Dog Breeder theme. Ultimate, out-of-the-box solution for any dog breeder. It was built with Bootstrap (3.2) and Vafpress framework which guarantees great user and further development/customization experience.

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United Pets – Veterinary WordPress Theme

If you seek to build a cute responsive website for your modern pet store, veterinary clinic, dog training classes, animal shelters and pet hotels, dog/cat trainers, or pet caretakers, you hit the right spot.

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Premium Pet WordPress Theme

The premium pet WordPress theme is the best solution for all those dealing with animals in any form. It can be used for a blog, a website or for a portfolio. It can be used for businesses like pet shop, animal accessories shop, pet spa and pet food shop etc.

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CSS3_simplistic is a simple two column fixed width template, with jQuery animated menu and image fader. It utilises @font-face.

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Petz – Pet Care & Veterinary Theme

If you seek to build a website for pet store, veterinary clinic, dog training classes, animal shelters and pet hotels, dog / cat trainers, or pet caretakers, you hit the right spot, since we’ve got the cutest Pet Club theme to offer.

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Bonko is a beautiful, stylish & powerful animal / pet care WordPress theme. It’s good for a zoo, safari activity, circus, and aquariums.

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